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Stop ! Look ! Slide !

The Piste X Code is a not-for-profit, bilingual slope safety campaign. We aim to introduce new skiers and snowboarders to the established rules of the piste, while reminding experienced mountain-goers of their safety responsibilities.

Our Piste X Code (pronounced “piste cross code” like the “green cross code”) campaign launched in 2022 following a tragic incident on ski slope in the French Alps; a little girl lost her life after she was involved in a collision with another skier. Since then, and during our own time in the mountains with our own children, we’ve observed increasingly poor on-piste etiquette, resulting in frequent near-misses, collisions, injuries and worse. The Piste X Code is a set of eight rules designed to keep skiers and snowboarders safe on the piste.

The Piste X Code

Ski & snowboard within your ability

Control your speed at all times and do all you can to avoid other mountain users.

Consider your choice of path

The downhill skier or snowboarder always has the right of way. It’s your responsibility to avoid them. Leave space while passing.

Think about where you’ll stop

Always at the side of the piste, never in the middle! And never beneath the brow of a hill.

Be aware of your surroundings

Look up and down the slope before you set off or re-join the piste.

A good example for children

Teach children about piste safety and the importance of the Piste X Code.

Respect piste signs & markings

If a piste is closed, it’s closed for your safety. Watch for signs advising you to slow down.

Your role if there’s an accident

You are duty bound to assist. Cross your skis upright in the snow above the incident and call 112.

What else can you do?

Be sensible with your alcohol consumption, don’t listen to music on the pistes and never use ski apps that challenge your speed.

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Piste X Code Updates

Remind yourself of the rules of the pistes in advance of your next winter holiday

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