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The Piste X Code Quiz

Remind yourself of the rules of the mountain before your next ski or snowboard holiday.

Are you, your friends and family aware of the rules of the mountain? Take this quick quiz to see if you have a good understanding of mountain etiquette and safety while skiing and snowboarding. Please share this quiz with the rest of your ski group to make sure everyone understands the rules. You’ll have a much better holiday, we promise!


Piste X Code Quiz

Test your piste safety and mountain etiquette knowledge...

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Who has the right of way on the pistes?

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Which colour is the most difficult type of piste?

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When I'm skiing or snowboarding, I always make sure that I...

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What should you do if you witness a collision on the pistes?

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Where on the piste should you stop to wait for friends or family?

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When learning to ski or snowboard you should...

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When you see a group of children being led down a piste by an instructor you should...

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If a piste has a closed sign at the top of it, what does it mean?

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When skiing or snowboarding in a large group it is best to...

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If you see a pair of skis crossed in the snow, what does this mean?

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Test your knowledge with the Piste X Code Quiz